Social Reviews is a free social plugin that allows people to leave a reviews (for different type of items) on your site using their social network accounts. Mobile ready (responsive) design allows plugin to automatically adjust to the resolution of the device site is viewed on.

For now there is a few predefined review types (targets) that you can select. You can also use any kind (your own) review types (targets) by using type URL, just make URL unique for any reviewed item on your website.

Width of the plugin, in pixels (0 = 100%)
Number of posts to display by default
Additional ratings to be shown (comma delimited)
Plugin title (will be shown only after the data has loaded)
CSS what will be smartly applied to title
CSS what will be smartly applied to plugin
product Product name of the item. For example: iPhone 5
brand Brand name of the item. For example: Apple
gtin Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) in one of the following formats:
  • UPC (in North America): 12-digit number.
  • EAN (in Europe): 13-digit number.
  • JAN (in Japan): 8 or 13-digit number.
  • ISBN (for books): 10 or 13-digit number.
mpn Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) of the item. For example: MD662B/A
image URL of an image of the item. Include main, the largest, full-size image you have for the item, up to 5MB file size. For example:
tags Tags for the item (comma delimited). For example: electronics, mobile phones
category Category path for the item (">" delimited). Category path will be parsed into tags and that tags will be used. If your item has tags, include tags attribute instead of category. For example: Electronics > Mobile Phones
It is recommended to include as more data attributes as you can. A match based on this attributes allows us to indentify the item and show as more reviews as we have.
You can also customize plugin title style inside your CSS. Just simply override CSS class ".social-reviews-header" and add "!important" to it CSS rules to override any inline styles.